Ciclomundi celebrates the myth, the epic and the utopia of the bicycle in three days of peace, love and pedalling dedicated to all cyclists, bicycle travellers and dreamers
on two wheels.

Ciclomundi is like the frame of a big bicycle. Healthy carriers of innovative experiences get on the saddle in the various cities of the planet: writers, musicians, actors, artists
and performers; town planners, architects, map-makers, geographers and explorers; thinkers, anthropologists, artisans and travellers of every kind from all over the world.

Ciclomundi is not only a tribute to travelling, but it presents the opportunity to tackle themes connected to gentle mobility, to sustainable tourism, to responsible
tourism, to cycling lanes, to the discovery of the territory, from just behind our homes to the one beyond the horizon.

Ciclomundi is for: fans of the two wheels of every age, including children who are increasingly more numerous, more motivated and aware. It is for all sportsmen and particularly cycle-tourists, for who observes nature with a certain care, for who travels inspired by a sensitive soul, for who dreams of journeys which are slow, adventurous, tiring, high performance, rhythmic, amazing.

This is the fourth edition of Ciclomundi. During this time it has gathered people, ideas, projects, exchanges, becoming a reference point for the world that turns around the bicycle, in all its aspects: sports bike, city bike, fixie bike, recumbent, mtb, bmx…

“The perfect celebration for the cyclist. One of the most particular festivals imaginable, including literature, tales of journeys made, music, philosophy and
economics”. La Repubblica

Ciclomundi will take place in the town centre of Portogruaro, just half an hour from Venice, along historical streets and squares and inside prestigious palaces
and settings. The programme is spread over three days, from Friday to Sunday and consists of: Thematic meetings – Round tables – Special events – Performances Films and Videos – Workshops and animation – Cycling excursions – Exhibition areas.

Ciclomundi c/o Ediciclo Editore
Via C. Beccaria 13-15
33042 Portogruaro (Venezia) – Italy
Tel +39 0421 74775 –

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Lorenza Stroppa – Press office and media relations:


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